Looking for comprehensive details about WWE betting? Then you are at the right place. WWE is the largest professional wrestling promotion in the world. In its early sessions, it was practised by men, but this changed in the late 1990s when women started participating too. Nowadays, WWE hosts several promotions including the Royal Rumble, WrestleMania, and WWE Crown Jewel.

How to Bet On WWE

Betting on WWE is quite simple so long as you can follow the few basic steps discussed here.

  1. Find a reliable WWE betting site: if you’re going to stake your payroll, the least of things to do is get a trustworthy and safe site where you can bet. Once you get the ideal site, sign-up for an account by providing some personal details and banking info.
  2. Deposit funds: this is the next step to follow when your registration process is completed. The minimum required deposit varies from one site to another but often, it falls between £10 - £20. There may be specific methods accepted for deposits so check the site to know if it has the banking option you prefer.
  3. Choose an event: as you probably already know, there are many WWE events on which you can bet online. Check the list of sports on the site to know which games are involved and place a bet on one of the available markets.

At all WWE betting sites, punters can bet on events anytime before they start. However, at top sportsbooks, the in-play option exists too. It enables you to wager when an event has already started, making it a great way to anticipate outcomes.

Wrestling betting odds

WWE odds are usually presented in a money-line format. The wrestler with a higher probability to win the match is expressed as a negative three-digit number, while the underdog’s odds are presented as positive. It’s common for professional wrestling odds to be pretty much one-sided with unaffordable favourites not worth betting on and underdogs offering substantial payouts. Luckily, underdogs tend to win more often than expected.

Best WWE betting sites

Not all bookies currently offer WWE betting odds, but the biggest names in the industry do. Knowing this fact, it shouldn’t be much of a task to find the best WWE betting sites in the UK. However, you want a site that takes your safety seriously while also offering a gigantic pool of WWE betting options. To ease the work, we’ve researched for you and have come up with sites that offer competitive WWE odds in a wide variety of markets.

LeoVegas WWE betting

LeoVegas Sport is the betting site for millions of betting odds and thousands of betting markets for over 35 sports disciplines. Once you log into your account, visit the list of sports, and then click on WWE/Pro Wresting to find events. Football, baseball, rugby, and winter sports are other options you might like to try betting on. The platform is easy to use, and wagering starts with a £10 minimum deposit through Neteller, Trustly, Maestro, PayPal, or other available methods.

BetFred WWE betting

BetFred is one of the oldest bookmakers you can find online. Over the years, the site has attracted and retained countless numbers of punters from across the world. This bookie has 25+ sports including snooker, tennis, ice hockey, and of course UFC/ WWE. To get started at BetFred, sign-up for an account, deposit at least £10, and head right away to the events board to place a bet. Accepted money transfer options include e-check, MasterCard, Bank transfer, and Visa.

Parimatch WWE betting

Parimatch has been in business since the early 1990s and has steadily built a reputation via its various gambling services. It has netball, hurling, handball, golf, MMA/UFC and much more in its list of over 30 sports. To play at this site, punters must be 18+ and can start with a minimum deposit of £5 via Wire transfer or Debit card. You can wager on events before they start or go for live betting options that could have more competitive odds.

FanTeam WWE betting

FanTeam is probably the largest DFS platform in Europe. The brand has 20+ sports where punters can find local and international competitions in football, NBA, hockey, UFC, and WWE just to name a few. To join the betting fans of this site, players must create a betting account and make a £10 deposit via one of the several available banking methods. Like the other sites discussed so far, FanTeam accepts live bets and has one of the best odds for WWE betting.

Kwiff WWE betting

Kwiff is the youngest brand in our list of top WWE betting sites. The brand started less than 10 years ago and has joined the high ranks thanks to its gambling options. Kwiff brings over 20 sports with competitive odds and numerous betting markets. Persons of legal age can gamble at this bookie with a minimum deposit of £10 via Visa, MasterCard, PayPal, and ecoPayz. The site brings pre-game and live stats in addition to premium quality live streaming.

Note that for the above-recommended betting sites, we considered factors like licensing, fairness, markets, odds, banking, and customer service which are indispensable for ranking. You can choose a site from the above or use these points to find a reliable WWE betting site.

Most popular WWE betting markets

WWE has a wide variety of betting markets though there are a few that can be found at most bookies online.

  • Single matches: these are among the easiest and most common markets in professional WWE events. When all intermediate bouts are completed, the event remains in the final bout with the two wrestlers. You can bet on the winner of the game with single-game bets.
  • Battlebowl: here, the game begins with two rings. The wrestlers in the first ring attempt to throw their opponents in the second ring. This continues until only two players remain, repeating the wrestling until one emerges victorious. You can place bets on which players will enter the second ring or be eliminated or emerge victorious.
  • Near fall: it is a market where punters can bet that a wrestler will almost win the match. Wrestlers mostly win their matches through a pin, otherwise known as a fall. It means a wrestler pins their opponent down with both shoulders touching the mat. The referee then begins the count, slapping the mat with his hand at every count. If the referee reaches three, the wrestler pinning the other wins. However, often the pinned fighter avoids defeat by breaking out of the pin at the last second.
  • Last man standing: it involves two wrestlers that fight until one of them emerges victorious. The winner is determined when the other player is KO'd or is unable to continue the fight. The referee waits for the disabled player to stand up by counting to ten. If they don’t get up, the other party wins.
  • No disqualification: WWE matches without disqualification involve a lot of nuisances and are the most complicated. However, because betting on WWE matches is based on probability, punters often stake on this market.

Popular WWE tournaments to bet on

WWE has many popular events on which punters can bet. Its weekly shows are Raw and Smackdown which are held on Mondays and Fridays respectively.

Nonetheless, the biggest WWE promotions include Royal Rumble, Wrestlemania, Summer Slam, King of the Ring, WWE Crown Jewel, and TLC. These events attract a lot of views and bettors from around the world and roughly occur every four to six weeks, with Wrestlemania being the biggest of all.